Born of prayer and deep-down stillness, Margaret Rizza’s hauntingly beautiful music transports the listener into the presence of God. That’s why I use it regularly in the retreats I lead as well as in my own times of personal prayer and worship.
Joyce Huggett, Author


The Music is exceptionally beautiful and springs out of a deep and experienced prayer life.
The Tablet, UK


As the world recognises more and more deeply the need to recover its spiritual dimension, Margaret Rizza’s music is an awakening force. Its evocation of peace and beauty reminds us of what awaits us in the depths of our soul.
Laurence Freeman, OSB. Author & Director of
The World Community for Christian Meditation.

Music - O MAGNUM MYSTERIUM - from 'River of Peace'
Music that is exquisitely beautiful and deeply spiritual. Listening to it and, I strongly suspect, performing it may well bring to mind verse 11 from Psalm 46- ‘Be still and know that I am God’
Worship Magazine, USA

In prayer our heart speaks to the heart of God. Margaret Rizza’s music lifts the heart to pray beyond words.
Gerard W. Hughes,
S.J. Author